The Joys of not Having a Fixed Address…

So week one of caravanning has been an interesting and somewhat time consuming experience. In the past week I’ve needed to sort out the usual bits and pieces: internet, school places for the kids (as we plan on being in the UK for at least a year), library cards (no space to keep books in the caravan), registering at doctors and dentists-to name but a few. Not the most pleasant of tasks but not usually all that difficult…that is, unless you don’t have a fixed address.

I have seen looks of bewilderment, confusion and pity and have realised that there aren’t any systems in place for people who don’t conform to the norm. The librarian handling our application called her manager and asked if she should list us as homeless….we might not have a postbox but we are hardly homeless. In order to receive internet I had to register at my previous address and was then advised to go online and change the details-the only way to get around the system. As far as school places….The council instructed me to list our caravan site as our address despite the fact that you are only able to spend a maximum of 28 days at any one site.


As soon as I told each of the people I dealt with we were living in a caravan their first question was, ‘For how long?’ And as soon as I mentioned it would be our home for the foreseeable future you could almost see what they were thinking- ‘They don’t fit the usual traveller bill’, ‘ Why would they choose to live like this?’ However, after explaining that we have chosen to sell all but the essentials, to stay in a caravan for 18 months in order to support ourselves while we travel the world in a motor home, volunteering along the way, meeting new people and learning about different cultures their whole demeanour starts to change, there’s a sparkle in their eyes, they get excited…maybe a little envious. They want to know how, when, where and why and that reinforces my belief that we are making the right decision.

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 Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail-Ralph Waldo Emerson

So until next time…

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  1. Kerry says:

    Hi Karen. It’s so lovely to read your blog, I met you in Portugal when I was visiting my aunty Rose and Uncle Mark, we stopped for a coffee In the bar my son had bought this blue solar hat and you got one also for your daughter. Your blog is great. I love reading your stories. I hope all goes well in the UK and the weather isn’t too much of a shock. We’re over in Turkey now so it will be strange having a warmer christmas this year. X


    1. Hi Kerry,

      Thanks so much for your lovely message! Love Rose and Mark and remember all of you….your son kindly took me to the gentleman selling the solar hats 🙂 Settling in to life in the UK but cannot wait to be on the road again. Enjoy your Turkish Christmas and be sure to keep in touch x


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