Top Tips After Two Weeks

So today marks two weeks of living in a caravan and I’ve decided to compile a list of ‘Top Tips’….things I wish we’d known or done prior to moving in with the whole fandamily.

I’m sure as time goes by I’ll come back to this post and tweak bits and pieces but as the title suggests these are the hints and tips of a novice…so sit back, relax and have a bit of a chuckle at our expense 😉

Top Tips for Newbie Caravaners:

Tip 1Service your caravan before moving in. After moving in we realised we had no hot water in our shower (which meant showers at my husbands office after everyone had left for the day-not recommended) and a gas leak as the previous owner had not kept up with the annual maintenance.

Tip 2- Trust CrockPot. When you have no gas for cooking and it’s 8 o’clock at night DO NOT buy a slow-cooker and expect din by 9pm- you will be feasting on a choice of Cheerios or Weet-a-bix! So to the makers of ‘Crock Pot’ never was a truer product advertised-I salute you in your honesty…you put the slow in slow cooker.

*We have since enjoyed incredible meals cooked in our Crock Pot.


Tip 3- The contents of a 4 bedroom home will not fit into a caravan (no matter how hard you try). It is not possible. Once you’ve had a clear out…clear out again and after that sift through what remains and attempt to whittle it down a little more. Declutter, Donate, Discard.

Tip 4- Make sure you have a suitable towing vehicle…a towbar is a must! Due to time constraints and budget we bought the cheapest 7 seater we could find in Portugal and had a friend help us with towing our newly purchased caravan to site. Now we sit with the problem of no towbar and needing to move every 28 days as required by law-we all know where this week’s paycheque is going.


Tip 5- You need an awning. With a family of 5, 2 cats and a dog this is an absolute essential.


Tip 6- Your awning should be in good condition. Entering Autumn and Winter it is very important that your awning is strong and leak free. As I’m sure you have already guessed-ours isn’t. In all fairness to the previous owners they did stipulate that the awning had seen better days and boy were they right. We fumbled around trying to figure out which colour coded pole went where, eventually we got it right only to find that as soon as we had erected it, it started to split at the seams. Warren spent a lot of our second evening in the caravan sat in the dark desperately trying to repair the awning using a needle and embroidery cotton. The following day, in an attempt to keep the water out, I stopped by our local Homebase and purchased some interior/exterior clear silicone. I applied it to the seams in the hope that it would keep the rain out. While this seems to be working temporarily, new holes and splits are appearing every day and we will have to splash out on a new awning as soon as the budget allows. But for now-It’s up, housing 3m cubed of our possessions, mostly dry and held together by a combination of duct tape, cotton and silicone.



That’s all I have for now…If you enjoyed my piece please like, share and follow x


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