Vanlife-Surviving Winter

And….we’re back! We (just barely) survived the wettest winter ever. It was the exact opposite of absolutely everything you see in #vanlife pics on Instagram. There were no lovely open door sea views, no cute pooch sleeping at the bottom of the caravan bed, no happy, carefree ‘worldschool’ kids….truthfully what springs to mind when thinking of February and March is MUD! There was mud everywhere….every nook and cranny, each time we needed to fill the aquarolls, empty the loo or take Alfie for a walk. Wet, muddy wellies strewn across the awning and little brown paw prints all over the furniture and bedding when the cats came indoors. By the end of March the 5 of us were incredibly irritable, frustrated and feeling claustrophobic. Luckily we managed to make it to the other side relatively unscathed and are now revelling in the sunshine and freedom of the mobile lifestyle. At present I’m lying on our picnic blanket, kids are playing frisbee and swingball, Warren’s getting the BBQ started and Louis Armstrong is in the background telling me what a wonderful world it is!

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A number of items have helped us get through this bleak period so thought it would be worth mentioning-
The first is our Whale Pump- how did we make it through the winter without this baby?! It’s an absolute game changer when it comes to having running water in the caravan and £60 well spent!
The second is our Cadac Carri Chef II- As South Africans, Warren and I grew up with the Cadac Skottelbraai and I’m pleased to say the updated version does not disappoint. Since it’s arrival I would say at least 60% of our meals are now cooked outdoors and with ad ons like their chef’s pan and roasting tray this piece of kit is so much more than just a grill.
Last, but by no means least, is our new tow car. After spending many hours researching the best used tow cars on the market and after countless test drives we finally settled on the Volvo XC90 for power, safety, comfort and space. We’ve only had the vehicle for 2 weeks so I will provide a proper update once we’ve had a chance to put it to the test properly.



And what about the volunteering I hear you ask….Well it couldn’t be better and the diary is starting to fill up. Last weekend we supported SOSA at their celebration of 20 years service to the Special Olympics. It was a fantastic day and a real pleasure to work alongside the SOSA team.
Next up
10th June-St Albans Half Marathon
24th June-Alban Street Festival (We’ll be volunteering in the Cathedral)
1st July- Larks in the Park
15th July-Squatlife Exhibition in the new St.Albans Museum
If you are in or around St.Albans on any of these dates please do pop by and say hello and if you know of any other community projects or volunteer opportunities be sure to contact us.

That’s all for now, as always, thanks for reading, sharing and supporting

OurTravellingFamily x




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  1. grasbie says:

    Fish looked delicious 😋


    1. You have no idea! I was craving fresh sardines but had to settle for mackerel. We coated the inside with olive oil, chopped garlic and parsley and squeezed some lemon juice on top just before they came off the BBQ 😋

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