Why Now Is The Right Time To Take Your Teen Camping

They’re a surly combo of mixed emotions and attitude, wrapped up in a self absorbed, often greasy and unkempt package…but underneath all that they’re still our babies and in my opinion there’s no better time to take them camping than now.


They are at an age where they can get involved in all aspects of camping and the key to letting them shine (in my experience) is allowing them to manage the big jobs on their own.

Below are some of my top tips for camping with teens:

Get Them Involved

Although they may not seem interested at first, involve them in every part of the process. Place trust in their abilities and allow them to tackle the jobs you may reserve for yourself. Showing them you have faith in them will help build their confidence and ensure you have less of a struggle next time you ask for help.

Limit Screentime

After all, camping is all about the great outdoors BUT remember to lead by example. It’s no use telling them they should put away their devices away if you’re sat around the campfire trying to capture the perfect Insta shot #smores .

Inspire An Appreciation of Nature

Use this opportunity to inspire an appreciation of nature and outdoor living. Allow them to take small risks, show them how to forage, collect wood for the BBQ, teach them how to build and light a fire when you don’t have matches at hand. Encourage them to be comfortable outside of their comfort zone.

Have Fun

Lastly, have fun. Embrace their personalities-although this is a difficult time try to focus on the positives. Their maturing characters, their wit, sarcasm and sense of humour. Listen to their opinions and suggestions even when you might not agree.

I feel it’s our job as parents to show them there’s more to life than Fortnight and YouTube. Take a kite, board games and a frisbee. Let them light the BBQ and cook dinner for the fam. Try as hard as you can not to offer up too much advice. Be on hand when they need help but be prepared to let them make mistakes and learn.

So, all that’s left to do is get the tent out the attic, load up the car, caravan or camper and set off on unforgettable camping holiday with your teen.




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