Down To The Wire

So a couple of weeks on from our last blog post and how things have changed!

Last month we were eagerly awaiting our loan caravan, as well as, our new personalised towing jacket. This month we are hurriedly giving our 15 year old Bailey of Bristol ‘Carolina’ a major overhaul.


Those of you who follow us on Instagram and Twitter will already know that shortly after posting our last blog post we encountered problems arranging insurance for the loan vehicle and despite our best efforts we were unable to arrange the cover we needed within the budget or time frame necessary. This meant that Warren and I had to make the decision to forego the new vehicle in favour of our trusty Carolina.

How will this effect our plans? Not much in the bigger scheme of things but it has set us back financially and also caused a little last minute rushing around to ensure that Carolina is fit and well for the task at hand. So far we have replaced a wash basin, fitted new clips on the fly screens, replaced the rubber seals on the skylight, ordered 4 new tyres, ordered new brake shoes, bought a new corner steady, fitted a new jockey wheel and pretty much checked and double checked that everything is working as it should. By the time we leave she will be able to give the 2019 models a run for their money! It’s at this point that I need to clarify that when I say ‘we’ have done all these, things in truth what I mean is, Warren has done 99% of these things!


Other than that we have had to cancel lots of visits to friends and family due to lack of time and working to a very tight budget. We’ve had to take the cats for their rabies vaccinations and to get their passports signed. Unfortunately, due to the state of things in the UK we are not certain that their passports will be valid after the 12th of April which is another concern…fingers crossed for an extension, referendum or deal.


Now we head into our last two weeks -a little tired, a little stressed but above all incredibly excited. A big thanks to all our friends, family and followers for their continued encouragement and support and a very special mention to the UK caravan and ‘vanlife’ community who are always just a tweet away with expert advice and friendly banter and a special mention to Jenny and George who, when they heard about our problems with the loan vehicle insisted on sponsoring a tyre so they could come along with us for the journey-you guys are AWESOME!

I think that’s everything covered. There is some very exciting news which we’ve been dying to share since December last year but you’ll have to wait one more day for that…keep an eye on our social media accounts tomorrow morn 😉

Much love 

Our Travelling Family ❤️


‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all’
-Helen Keller
















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  1. Lesley says: have the amazing ability to make a set back sound like a fun event. Good luck on the roads ahead


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