I’m a happily married mom of 3 who has spent the last year volunteering my way around Europe with the motley crew featured below. I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa but lived in the UK for 15 years. I worked as a tennis instructor at the most incredible summer camp in the US for four years, worked as a registered childminder in the UK for six years, then as a teaching assistant at an amazing infant school, as a barmaid/restaurateur in our bar in Portugal and most recently, as a freelance travel journalist writing for the likes of Lonely Planet, Positive News, Conde Nast, The Sunday Times and Practical Caravan.  I am a glass half full, determined and competitive individual. I love to laugh, to eat and drink, to dance, to be silly and most of all I love my family with all my heart and have a desire to show them all the world has to offer be it good or bad.


Warren-My darling husband of 16 years. We have been to the back of beyond together and still can’t get enough of each other. He is incredibly handy and can build, fit or fix just about anything. He values family above anything else and would do whatever it takes to protect us. Don’t let his rough exterior fool you…he has been known to shed a tear or two when watching Disney movies, X-Factor and the occasional ‘touching’ commercial.


Sebastian– The oldest of our 3 children. Sebastian was born in North Carolina. Like his dad he can be a little rough around the edges but underneath lies a loving and caring individual. He is intelligent, athletic and always up for a challenge. His hobbies include most outdoor activities, spending time on devices I despise and going out of his way to push all of our buttons simultaneously…but we wouldn’t have him any other way!


Aiden- Also known as the Ginja-Ninja. Born in the UK. Everything about Aiden is enhanced or bold. From his bright red hair, his infectious laugh and the fact that he has been taller than his brother since they were 3 and 4. He has a range of emotions which he experiences on a daily basis and is very comfortable expressing how he feels. He loves people, laughing and trying new things-especially of the edible variety. He has a massive capacity to love and puts others before himself on a regular basis.


Ella– Don’t be fooled by her cute, princess-like exterior….our youngest is not one to be underestimated. Strong-willed, opinionated, self-confident and never one to do something ‘just because’…no matter how much we plead and threaten. For all the frustration and anguish she has caused us over the years this little diamond has such a desire for knowledge and is constantly questioning the world around her. She has a fantastic sense of humour and mastered wit, sarcasm and innuendo at a very early age-she wants to visit Iceland and build black sandcastles under the Northern Lights.