Why We Travel

Recently I was asked to detail why we travel in no more than 500 words. While I didn’t manage to keep to the word count, here is my response. Our story is not one of high end luxury getaways, nor is it a cutting edge tale about trekking through jungles, summiting volcanoes or circumnavigating the…

Emerging from lockdown in Évora, Portugal

We were welcomed with smiling eyes and hospitality second to none. In the coming days, weeks and months we hope to continue supporting tourism, sharing our experiences and when it it is safe to do so, encouraging people to visit this extraordinary country.

Welcome to Our Travelling Family

They say travelling with babies can be difficult but in my personal experience it’s far more difficult travelling with teenagers. I’m wondering if you hear so little about it because most parents just throw in the towel and uncork (who am I kidding?), unscrew the nearest bottle of wine

Central Portugal- Europe’s Best Kept Secret

As a holiday destination it has something for everyone- culture, history, natural beauty, sunshine (plenty of it!) and the locals are some of the kindest, most generous people I have ever had the pleasure to encounter.